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Sailor Moon Monthly Fic & Art Challenge
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Welcome to the Sailor Moon Monthly Fic & Art Challenge! This community was originally designed for fanfiction writers and readers of the Sailor Moon fandom. However, as of July 6th, 2009, we have opened up the community to fanartists as well! You may now participate or complete a challenge with fic, art, or a combination of both!

The basic set up is as follows. Participants in the challenge will write a short drabble/ficlet or draw an art piece for every day of the month. Every other month will be designed around a different character, pairing, or genre of character voted on by the members of the community (Makoto, Usagi/Mamoru, Villains, etc.). Then, half of the month will have daily themes (Bananas, Heartbreak, Songs, Images, etc). The other half of the month will be left open for you to write about. However, if you need suggestions or prompts, there will be a thread in which you can request more themes for your writing. It is not an obligation to turn something in for every day of the month, but all writers and artists who do will receive a banner, an icon, and be listed in the Hall of Fame.

Both writers and readers are welcome to join the community. Just please do your best to compliment other people's work!


1. All writings and drawings must be Sailor Moon related. Manga, anime, Sera Myu, and PGSM are all acceptable. You are also allowed to write crossovers.

2. All writings and drawings must feature that month's theme.

3. Participants are welcome to submit more than one ficlet or art piece for a prompt; however, that second submission will not be admissible towards completing the challenge unless you submit it for an optional prompt.

4. Every day, a moderator will post a prompt. Writers and artists will respond to that theme in the comments of the post with either the actual story/art or a link to the story/art. If a theme is posted on the 1st, and you are not able to get to it until the 3rd or even later, the submission will still be valid towards completing the challenge.

5. Deadlines for the awards will be the last day of the following month of the original start date. So if the theme started July 1st, all submissions for the awards will be due by August 31st.

6. Ficlets should be over 100 words. I would raise the word count, but there are drabble communities devoted to 100 word stories.

7. Exceptions to Rule 6 apply to any poetry submissions.

8. Do not steal another writer's or artist's work and claim it as your own. PLAGIARIZERS WILL BE PERMANENTLY BANNED. This includes tracing!

9. Comments, criticisms, and critiques are not only allowed but encouraged. If a writer or artist would prefer that their work not be criticized, please make an obvious note of that.

10. NO DRAMA. If any fighting, flaming, warring, or other annoying things happen, ALL PARTIES WILL BE BANNED.

11. Please post all R and NC-17 fiction or art to your personal journal and leave a link rather than leaving it directly in the comment.

12. As of August 6, 2007, no R or NC-17 fiction and art involving explicit sexual relations with a minor will be allowed at this community. This policy will remain in place until the mods have a full understanding of LiveJournal's policies regarding under-aged sex. Whether or not it is appealed at a later date is at the discretion of the maintainer of the community.


All submissions should be as follows:

Medium: (Fanfic/Fanart)
Version: (Anime, Manga, PGSM)
Rating: (G - NC-17)

Link, Story, or Art:

Themes for 2006

January: The Guardian Senshi (Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury)
February: Usagi and Mamoru
March: Villains
April: Kaioh Michiru
May: Crossover
June: Starlights
July: Minor Characters
August: Meioh Setsuna
September: The Cats
October: Original Characters
November: Tomoe Hotaru
December: The Shitennou

Themes for 2007

January: Tenoh Haruka
February: OTP
March: Post-Series
April: Tsukino Chibi-Usa
May: Crack Fic
June: Sailor Moon R - First Arc
July: Kino Makoto
August: All in the Family
September: Mizuno Ami
October: Favorite Character
December: Furuhata Motoki

Themes for 2008

January: The Silver Millennium
February: Alternate Universe
March: Character-a-Day
April: The Outer Senshi
May: Rare Pairs
June: Pre-Series
July: If Only
August: Episodic
September: Images Only
October: Monster Mash

Themes for 2009

January: Senshi/Shitennou
March: Sailor Stars
May: Hino Rei/Sailor Mars
July: Aino Minako/Sailor Venus
September: Pairing-a-Day
November: Mamoru

Themes for 2010

January: Usagi
March: Sailor Moon S
May: Slash/Femmeslash
July: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Themes for 2011

February: Myths and Fairytales
One True Pairing
March: First Person POV
April: Poetry
Alternate Universe

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